Who Is The Guy with the Bow Tie?

jordan_waterThe Guy with the Bow Tie focuses on connecting your small business with the community. A strong bond within the community leads to strong market share, and profits. And best of all – those profits are shared within the community. I showcase this by sharing my own experiences in building, and growing businesses (I currently own / operate three of them).

I’m a firm believer that small business is the back-bone of any / all communities. A strong community starts with strong small businesses, and I’m all for strong communities.

If you’re interested in ‘picking my brain’ feel free to reach out (contact info below). I consult startups when it comes to launching an online biz, and I’ve recently started to focus on publishing luxury magazines in, and around my community. If you’re a startup, an entrepreneur or if you’re lonely and looking for someone to talk to – please reach out. I’m a firm believer in helping fellow business owners.

Here’s what people are saying:

I like your enthusiasm, approach to marketing and your fresh ideas for me to try. Plus, I enjoy your willingness to help in a very approachable manor.”
– Jane K, Realtor The Real Estate Company

“After speaking with you, I have no need to speak to anyone else.”
Prisca O, Owner Damudika Management

“Wow! You’re extremely thorough…Thank You very much!”
Rochelle L, Cowboys Calgary / PLE Group

“If we don’t do business together, I’m not going to do it with anyone else.”
Rico, Owner Razor’s Edge Barber Shoppe

“You are the best... You coached me well but you knew when to stand back and let me make a decision for myself. You have the confidence in me that 9 times out of 10 I’ll make the same decision as you would.”
– Steph R, Owner / Mommyzoid at Rogers Communications

If you are looking to connect please reach out to me on LinkedIn or on Twitter.

Oh and here are a few books you should read:
Brand Like a Rock Star: Lessons from Rock ‘n’ Roll to Make Your Business Rich and Famous
Marketing Warfare
Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind

Love you,

Jordan ‘The Guy with the Bow Tie’ Rycroft

PS. Why the bow tie? I’ve been wearing one off-and-on since I was 4-years-old. It’s also proven to be a decent personal branding mechanism. When I say The Guy with the Bow Tie – you think of me, and in this over communicated society I stand out. Thanks in large part to my bow tie I become memorable. After all – Jordan isn’t a very memorable name. However, Jordan ‘The Guy with the Bow Tie’ Rycroft is quite memorable.

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