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The Guy with the Bow Tie, Jordan Rycroft

Congrats on embarking on your new career path to an endless shit sandwich known as sales. Sales is an industry everyone is in, but few have the cajones to actually say, “I’m a salesperson.”

First step is to own the fact you’re a salesperson. Don’t beat around the bush…you sell stuff to other people in order to put money in your pocket. Nothing sleazy about it. Everyone does it.

Ever sold something online through Facebook, Craiglist, an email, etc…? Then you’re a salesperson. The only reason you landed the job you’re in is because you SOLD yourself on why your employer should hire you.

You’re a salesperson. Welcome to the family.

I mistakenly got into sales.

At 12 years old the golf course where I played hired me on to write names on scorecards. I could do this (thanks public education!), so they brought me into the clubhouse to work the phones, clean clubs and unbeknownst to me…sell golf equipment.

Next thing you know, I’m selling tens of thousands of product a week…as a 12 year old. I bought all the video games, all the food, and saved up for a car and my education. BUT I had no clue what I was doing.

Sound like you?

It’s amazing to me that organizations don’t help out their sales newbies. You get dropped into the pit and away you go. Trial by fire. You’ll figure it out.

Even when you do get sales advice, it’s usually from an out-of-touch sales manager or a marketing department pushing their brochures and infographic’s on you. Marketing is full of sales people who don’t know they’re a salesperson or who are afraid to admit it. I’m a marketer, but I market myself. I’m the biggest marketer of ME INC.

Sales is simple

Maybe that’s why so many people end up in a sales career. As a person living in a capitalistic environment I want to buy stuff. In order to do this – I generally have to go through a sales person or have to be sold in some way. So, how do we get people to buy what you’re selling?

  1. Traffic (marketing)
  2. Sell

In order to sell anything – consumers need to know you exist.

That’s where marketing comes in. Whether you have a staff of one hundred to support you or it’s just yourself…you need to market your product. You need eyeballs, foot traffic, clicks, whatever…

Then you sell the traffic your product. This is where it gets complicated because most organizations don’t teach this skill. Sales managers are too busy to teach or they’re so out-of-touch their “techniques” don’t work anymore. So, you either sell by accident, or you flame out and head to the bar to drown another failed attempt at a career.

Selling is a skill

It can be learned. It can be taught. It is the MOST powerful tool in business. Without sales, there is no business.

In order to sell you need to get your mind right. You have to accept you’re in sales, and believe in whatever it is that you’re selling. Or make it appear that you believe in it. Keep in mind you can only sell so much of a shitty product or a product you don’t believe in until it catches up with you.

Market yourself first then sell whatever product it is you need to sell.

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Here’s what people are saying:

I like your enthusiasm, approach to sales, marketing and your fresh ideas for me to try. Plus, I enjoy your willingness to help in a very approachable manor.”

– Jane K, Realtor The Real Estate Company

“After speaking with you, I have no need to speak to anyone else.”

Prisca O, Owner Damudika Management

“Wow! You’re extremely thorough…Thank You very much!”

Rochelle L, Cowboys Calgary / PLE Group

“If we don’t do business together, I’m not going to do it with anyone else.”

Rico, Owner Razor’s Edge Barber Shoppe

“You are the best... You coached me well, but you knew when to stand back and let me make a decision for myself. You have the confidence in me that 9 times out of 10 I’ll make the same decision as you would.”

Steph R, Owner / Mommyzoid at Rogers Communications

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