Journey of the Do – What’s in a name?

The name of your business is one of the most overlooked, and important parts of your business. Some owners will use their personal name or pull something out of thin air, and say, “That sounds good.”  This may have worked 50 years ago, when there was only one baker, locksmith, carpenter, etc… Now, it’s an extremely competitive market with you not only having to compete with businesses in, and around your community, but also around the world.

So what’s in a name?

This week I had someone refuse to work with me based on the name effUmarketing. She thought it was highly inappropriate. I said, “Good!” A name is supposed to evoke a response…a feeling. I was thrilled when it brought upon that feeling. Why? Because it means she felt something for my brand. She will probably never forget me now. Funny enough, effUmarketing also evokes a strong emotion in the people who do work with me. They love the name, they love how it’s different, and they love how it immediately shines a light on who I am for, and who I am not for. If you’re a church group – I’m probably not for you. If you’re someone who has a bit of an edge, and isn’t afraid to piss a few people off – then I’m for you.

In a world where everyone has a say (thanks internet), you have to stand for something. When you stand for something – you’ll have people who love you, and people who hate you. Those are the facts, and if you want to get into business you’ll have to accept that. Some of the savviest business owners get this, and aren’t afraid to flaunt it. Mercedez-Benz is Mercedez-Benz for a reason. They’re a premium brand, and they showcase it at every moment. When they design a car, the don’t design it for a low-income family in mind.

What’s your sandbox?

When you first went to school you immediately found people formed groups. Usually the girls stuck together, and the guys stuck together. Then as you got older, the jocks hung out, the nerds, the theatre people, etc…Think Breakfast Club. This happens for a reason. People play in a sandbox where they’re most comfortable. They like hanging out with people with similar mindsets, and interests. Think about who you hang out with. It probably says a lot about who you are.

sandbox, empty sandbox, kids toys in sandbox

Who’s playing with you?

In business – you have to be aware of what sandbox you’re playing in. Mercedez-Benz is in a certain sandbox, Dodge is in a certain sandbox. Yes, they have others playing in that sandbox, but they’re self aware of who they are, and who they’re playing with. The same can be said for Facebook, and Snapchat. Facebook encourages you to share everything publicly, where Snapchat is for those who want to have some privacy.

Quick test

When you understand what sandbox you’re playing in or going to be playing in find similar companies, and look at their name, their logo, the look and feel of their website. What are they trying to convey? How do they make you feel? Once you get an idea of who’s doing what in your sandbox – that’s when you should start thinking of a name. Is it going to be a hard name like effUmarketing or is it going to be a softer name like Ever Rose (my fashion company – coming soon). What colours are you going to use to convey a certain feeling?

When naming your business, try to stay aware from something that can become an acronym. How many names can be shortened to BBC, CAA, DLP, MNP, etc… If you can find one word, that may sound ridiculous at this present time for your company use it. Google is a ridiculous name when you think about it. At the same time, it’s different, sounds good off the tongue, and it’s kind of fun to say.

Questions to ask yourself: Does your name convey the mindset you’re in? Does it convey a feeling to those who could be your potential customers? Remember your sandbox, and then find a name.

In my case – if I had a different name other than effUmarketing – I probably could’ve worked with the potential client I mentioned above. However, she probably doesn’t share the same mindset or the same values as I do. Which probably means we wouldn’t get along, my ideas would be watered down, and I wouldn’t be a very effective partner for her.

Don’t be afraid of who you are, what sandbox you’re in or who your customers are. A name will help build that identity for you. A name will create a feeling, and following. We haven’t changed much since we were kids. Find your sandbox, know your identity, and create a name that reflects that.

Love you,

Jordan ‘The Guy with the Bow Tie’ Rycroft


Ron Burgundy & the Dodge Durango

No doubt, Ron Burgundy and the Dodge Durango have benefitted from their mutual partnership. SUV sales have gone up and Anchorman 2 is probably going to have an amazing first week at the box office. After all, Will Farrell has been everywhere as Ron Burgundy including curling trials in Canada and even getting a Ben & Jerry’s Ron Burgundy-themed ice cream.

If you haven’t seen the Ron Burgundy / Dodge Durango ads yet, here’s a taste:

No wonder SUV sales have gone up and awareness of the SUV has been higher than ever. But, what happens when Ron Burgundy goes away? What happens when Anchorman 2 drops off the face of the Earth after a large opening weekend? After all, Will Farrell is notorious for his box office blunders. Don’t get me wrong, the array of Anchorman 2 co-branded marketing campaigns have been brilliant. However, there is so much hype built around the movie that it’s almost impossible to meet that hype. That’s why I think Anchorman 2 will have a strong opening, but die a quick death. And then what happens to the Dodge Durango? What happens when your brand is associated with a flop?

Dodge better have a strong follow up to this campaign because it has built the hype. It has built personality into the struggling and bland Durango name. Ron Burgundy has given Dodge a huge shot in the arm, but what happens when that high goes away? What happens when you come down and you want another hit?

You can go back to the same well with another movie character or do a similar humourous campaign, but after awhile your audience will begin to loose interest, your sales will drop and you’ll be left scratching your head as to what happened.

Then again, Anchorman 2 may end up being a great success and sales of the Durango may surge and that’s cool. Either way, it’s imperative Dodge follows up their recent successes with another blockbuster of a campaign.

What does this mean for your business?

Have a plan. You should always be looking around the corner as to what to do next based off what has happened and is currently happening.

Would you rather win the battle or win the war? Dodge is winning the battle right now, but what about the war? The next few weeks are going to be crucial to the success of the Durango.