How to sell like money is a commodity

Money as a commodity

You’re in sales. Whether it’s in a job interview, presenting a multi-million dollar pitch to a room of investors or your online t-shirt store – you’re constantly selling something. Once you’ve gotten a potential customer through the door – you’re selling.

When you’re selling the fundamental rule is money is a commodity. The end result of cash exchanging hands shouldn’t make you feel desperate. Mentally you have to believe there will be another customer, another pitch, another sale. Customers seem to smell desperation.

Money as a commodity

I first learned this working as a 12 year old at a small golf course. I didn’t really know what I was doing, but if someone didn’t buy from me right away…I didn’t care. I just went on to the next. I always knew someone else would walk through that door.

I’ve since graduated from the golf course and sell security technology. My best year was a couple years back when I did $2.4 million in sales or roughly $2 for every person living in my territory. Think about that – how would you like to generate $2 per person in your area? I did this for multiple reasons, but the biggest was knowing if I didn’t close a $500,000 deal today, I would have another deal around the corner (even if I didn’t have anything solid in the funnel).

Most of you are desperate and will blame the economy, Coronavirus or some external force for not getting sales. Yes, external factors will come into play a bit here and there, but YOU control what YOU can control. You can’t control the government, the economy, the weather, etc…

Flip the switch in your mind right now. Money is always available to you. There will always be another deal. If you don’t have a cup of coffee in front of you right now. You can always get one later today, tomorrow or next week. Money is like coffee. Coffee is like money.

Love you,

Jordan ‘The Guy with the Bow Tie’ Rycroft

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