Find someone you admire, and start asking questions

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I asked numerous people, numerous questions to get to where I am today.

If you didn’t know – the NFL season has started. Yes, I’m a big sports fan, and I’ve found there are numerous ways your business or personal brand can benefit by using a sports franchise as a model.

The defending Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks opened their season with a big with over the Green Bay Packers. Similar to last year – their defence was quite impressive. Last year Seattle’s defence was one of the best of all-time. But, it took some time to get there.

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll, and defensive passing game coordinator Rocky Seto shifted the defence’s tackling technique to mimic those of rugby players. Typically in football you’re told to get lower than your opponent, and lower the boom usually leading with your head. In rugby (seeing as you’re not wearing a helmet), you kind of swing your arms around your opponent, leave the head out of it, and drag them to the ground. Seattle stepped outside the box, and went with a rugby approach…and it worked. It’s what has become known as ‘Hawk Tackling.’

Translate this into the business world

What can your business take from another category to improve your bottom-line. Maybe it’s speaking with a hotel manager about inventory, and how they manage it. After all, if they don’t sell their rooms out every night – that’s a lost profit. So, how do they go about ensuring their rooms are booked.

Or maybe it’s speaking with a company with great customer service. How do they go about training their employees? What incentives do they have to keep their employees around? What’s their culture like?

It’s sooo tempting to be a sheep, and follow the lead of another business in your category (hence the penchant for car dealer ads to yell at you, and put guerilla’s on their roof). Step aside, and speak to someone who you see as successful, and start asking questions. You may find a trick or two that can help you, and your business. And you’d be surprised at how many people WANT to help you.

For me – I read biographies of people who I see as successful. Whether it be in sports, business, finance, life…whatever. How did they conduct themselves? What questions did they ask? Who do they admire? I also reach out to people I admire using social media. Believe it or not, these people (some with hundreds-of-thousands of followers) respond. Why? Because when they were starting out – they asked for help.

Doing this – I’ve been able to come up with my ‘Guy with the Bow Tie’ look, and feel. I didn’t do it on my own. I had help from numerous people in crafting my brand because I reached out, and asked questions.

If you’re having issues with employees, inventory, accounting, profits, marketing, etc… Find someone you admire, and start asking questions. You may find a tip (like Seattle’s defence flipping to a rugby approach when it comes to tackling) or trick you can use for your business.

Love you,


Ps. If you’re reading this, I assume you admire me. Therefore, feel free to ask questions. I read every email, tweet, whatever. Ask me, and I’ll respond.


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