What if you only had 20 decisions?


Me and T-Rex

If you could only make 20 decisions in your businesses life, what would they be? Obviously I don’t expect you to answer them right away. But, it certainly makes you think. I’m guessing you’ll take every decision a little more seriously and not jump in to the latest marketing fad or trend right away. Maybe you wouldn’t follow what everyone else is doing. Maybe you’d stay put, and see how it goes for a year before making a decision.

This is Warren Buffett’s strategy when it comes to the stocks, and companies he invests in. He leads himself to believe he only has a 20 hole-punch card for his entire lifetime when it comes to investing. Every choice he makes is a punch in that card, so he MUST choose wisely. He understands it’s a marathon and not a sprint.

It’s not about last quarter’s earnings. It’s about 5, 10, 25 years down the line. I see sooo many businesses fail (even my father’s) because they were so focused on the money coming in now. I get it. You need that cash flow, but maybe you shouldn’t have tried to start out so big in the first place. Baby steps.

Wayne Gretzky didn’t become the greatest hockey player overnight. It took 20 or more years of coaching, practice, and effort. Sometimes doing the same thing day in and day out. Over and over again. Consistency counts for something.

Your story

Your story will carry you. The reason why you do what you do. Why your business exists…it will carry you. SEO, a Tweet, targeted-ads or any media campaign won’t carry you. Your passion (even if it’s fake) will carry you. Why do you do what you do? Why is it so important? Is it to make money? If so, you’re probably doing the wrong thing.

What if your business only had 20 punches. And for every major decision from expansion to marketing to a new executive hire was a punch in that card?

Do your homework, then go with your gut. You already know how to make that BIG decision. Don’t worry about screwing up. If you believe in your businesses story…in YOUR story. You will succeed. It won’t happen over night. It won’t happen thanks to Google. It will happen because of YOU and YOUR STORY.

Here’s your 20-hole punch card. Use it wisely.

Love you,


Ps. You can check out the 20-hole punch story here


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