Defying expectations: The Jamie Lynn Spears brand

Remember her? A child star, a teen mom and of course the little sister to Britney Spears. Well, she took some time off to be a mom and now she’s back in a different way.

Alright, she’s a singer, but instead of going into the pop-princess world, she took a different lane and went country. Instead of going where she would undoubtedly get compared to her big sister time and time again, she defied expectations and did something a little different. Heck, I thought she would have called it quits to live a life as a mother, but you can tell she still has the burning passion to be an entertainer.

Alright, what can your brand learn from this?

1) If you don’t have a passion for something, you probably shouldn’t be doing it.

2) Instead of taking the simple route, challenge yourself to do something different. Jamie Lynn easily could’ve used the Spears brand name to get decent traction in the pop world, but she would always play second fiddle to her sister. It would be like trying to start up a dark soda business going directly at Coca-Cola. YOU WILL NOT WIN! Even if your product is better, Coke was there first and it will crush you.

3) It’s okay to be vulnerable, if it’s real. Jamie Lynn has lived an interesting life from child-star, to kid sister to a giant star, to a teen mom and now this. However, I have never felt more connected to her until now. The song and video above is so simple, so stripped down, it makes her feel vulnerable and real. She’s someone I can see enjoying a cup of tea with while having a real conversation. I can’t see doing that with her big sister or with say, Miley Cyrus.

Do you have a passion for what you are doing? If not, can you fake it? Are you challenging yourself and your business to be different or are you a sheep always following someone else’s lead? Is your business vulnerable or real? Would anyone want to sit down with you and have a cup of tea?

Take 5 minutes and answer the questions above. It may save you a ton of time and money in the future.


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